Handcrafted Original Niobium Jewelry


In art school, I was drawn to the playfulness and color of mobile artist Alexander Calder. Initially, the use and brightness of his colors drew me to silk screening. Eventually, I had an "Aha" moment about the color possibilities in metal jewelry, and began creating small, bright 'sculptures' for the ear that would artfully interact with the face of the wearer, and was on my way to my own craft. Once I realized the importance of craft and art to me, I could see their importance to everyone, even those who don't fully realize it.

After receiving my art degree in from San Jose State University, and moving to Berkeley in 1980, the importance of art and culture in everyday life became even more obvious to me. More recently and as a committee member of the City of Berkeley's cultural planning effort, I helped guide the goals and strategies for local arts, culture, and entertainment citywide, leveraging the vast network of local artists and craft workers who contribute to the locale.

Integrated with an interest in the arts is my relationship to my craft. I put my personality in each piece, transmitting as much humor, affordability, color and intriguing design as I can.

About the Metals and Process

The metal for my jewelry is Niobium, which is light, strong, and durable. The metal's playfulness comes from being able to react to electricity by changing color. The jewelry is pressed, polished, and textured. Each pair of earrings is uniquely colored and individually shaped by hand. The color changes result from electrical oxidation.

Niobium resists acid and alkaline, which makes my jewelry entirely hypoallergenic and causing no skin reaction, including wearers who react to wearing other metals. Clean the jewelry with a slightly damp cloth using window cleaner or soap and water.

The metal for my clocks and wall sconces is Titanium, even lighter than Niobium, and achieves its color in the same way as Niobium. Also, Titanium is what makes the oversized hands of my clocks possible. I use recycled Titanium.

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